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Security lighting can be one of the most cost effective ways of protecting your property or premises.
Burglars hate noise and light! And it is proven that security lighting has become one of the best ways of deterring any unwanted visitors.

JP Locksmiths and Home Security can install lighting to improve your security and improve your quality of life.
We all have 4 bins outside, wouldn’t it be easier if you could step outside in winter to be met with a light that comes on when you need it?
When you go to your garden shed, wouldn’t it be a bonus to actually find the keyhole to the lock with a good light on?
When you arrive home and pull up on your drive, wouldn’t it be a comfort for a light to come on, illuminating your drive and front door?

Whist traditional halogen lamps are available, JP Locksmiths and Home Security favour LED (light-emitting diod) lamps. LED lights last much longer and far and away more economical to power, costing you less in the long run.

For impartial advice on crime prevention in your home visit the Metropolitan Police website.


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