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I’m Jon, a Mobile Locksmith

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07736 066 063


If your locked out of your house or business premises call Bramhall Locksmiths,

I can get you in.

Local independent locksmith company. I live in the Stockport area, I am not a national call centre.

I will answer the phone, and I will give you a clear estimate of expected cost and time of arrival.

We specialise in;

Bramhall Locksmiths, are a 3 minute drive away from Bramhall Village.
Trained in non-destructive entry methods, I will always try to regain access to your property or premises with minimal damage.
I carry a stock of locks, handles, padlocks and sash jammers on the van, ready to secure your property.

Bramhall Locksmiths Business hours

Bramhall Locksmiths can be booked to come and work during our standard business hours;

Monday to Friday 9am til 5pm

We are open for emergency call out;

Monday to Sunday 6am til 10pm

In extreme circumstances we will attend, call outs outside of the above regular hours, within our specified territories Areas served subject to availability.

Bramhall Locksmiths – Free Security Survey

Bramhall Locksmiths offer a FREE Home Security Survey.
If you live in Bramhall or an Area we serve, I’ll be happy to survey your property, and make recommendations on how to improve your security.

Call Bramhall Locksmiths  for further details on 07736066063.

Bramhall Locksmiths – Free Tips

I have lots of tips, that don’t cost a fortune and can really improve your home or business premises security.
Is your front door visible from the road? Are overgrown hedges or conifers concealing your door?
Cut them back.
Installing a security light that comes on as you approach, will improve your quality of life and make your home less likely to be targeted.
Upgrading your locks to the latest triple star rated anti-snap euro cylinders or increasing the number of locks on your doors, will make you more secure.
Adding sash jammers to your windows, is both inexpensive and really effective.

Bramhall Locksmiths Fit Alarms and CCTV

The first things the police will recommend is a good Intruder Alarm, they are a great deterrent. Bramhall Locksmiths Recommend the Pyronix Enforcer wireless alarm. Its packed full of features and perfect for domestic and small business use, and because its wireless, there is minimal disruption to your home during installation.

The ultimate security measure is CCTV, our advice is choose digital. The images are 4 times sharper than analogue, and the cameras have loads of software.. a simple 3 or 4 camera kit with a good DVR, does not cost the earth, in fact, they offer terrific value for money.

But that’s enough about us.

At Bramhall Locksmiths, we are really interested in your needs, so call for a chat about how we can improve the security in your home or business.

By the way..

I prefer coffee and take it with milk and one sugar…


Bramhall is an affluent suburb of the Metropolitan Borough of Stockport, Greater Manchester, England. Historically part of Cheshire, it had a population of 17,436 at the 2011 Census. The manor of Bramall dates from the Anglo-Saxon period, when it was held as two separate estates by two Saxon freemen, Brun and Hacun. In 1070, William the Conqueror subdued the north-west of England, and divided the land among his followers. The manor of “Bramale” was given to Hamon de Massey, who eventually became the first Baron of Dunham Massey. The earliest reference to Bramall was recorded in the Domesday Book as “Bramale”, a name derived from the Old English words brom meaning broom, both indigenous to the area, and halh meaning nook or secret place, probably by water. De Masci received the manor as wasteland, since it had been devastated by William the Conqueror’s subdual. By the time of the Domesday survey, the land was recovering and cultivated again.