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JP Locksmiths often get called to property and premises with a view to adjusting a commercial door.

This type of work often requires 2 locksmiths to attend, as a commercial door is generally large, to accommodate wheel chair access, with alot of toughened glass, to give lots of natural light, which always means they are very heavy.

The Location

The commercial door in Chorlton, Manchester that we visited this week, was no exception.
With approximately 40 apartments inside the building, this particular front door gets alot of use.

The Job

Our job list from the maintenance manager, was to visit the apartments as the front door was not closing properly, allowing kids to wander in causing a nuisance.
After giving the door a close inspection, we discovered the door had dropped alot, causing the bottom of the door to rub on the threshold plate, preventing it from closing and locking.

We stripped the door down, removed it, adjusted the bottom pin, which lifted the door, and adjusted the top hinge which pulled the door back.
We refitted the door, adjusted the closer and lubricated lock.

The mini clip below, clearly shows the end result, one fully adjusted door, working smoothly and locking everytime.

The maintenance manager, was away on holiday, but very keen to know this door had been dealt with.
The mini clip was sent to his phone, keeping him completely in the loop.
Functioning door.
Happy tennants.
Happy manager.

All part of the service.