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I’m Jon, a CCTV Installer & Locksmith

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High Lane CCTV

If your looking to improve your home security, Call High Lane CCTV.

Trained to fit Intruder alarms and CCTV.
I only install professional grade product.
The products High Lane CCTV prefer & recommend, come with good manufactures support, some, with up to a 3 year replacement warranty, and a high level of tech support cover.
Whether you are looking for a new system, or looking to improve your existing set up, we can help.
If you live in High Lane or an Area we cover, I’ll be happy to survey your property, and make recommendations on how to improve your security.


Call High Lane CCTV for further details on 07736066063
We feel the ultimate security measure is CCTV, and our advice is choose HD CCTV, the images are 4 times sharper than analogue, and the cameras have loads of software.

The pictures on the left are Analogue, the pictures on the right are HD.

Concealed Wiring

Our preferred brand is Hik Vision, the largest CCTV camera manufacturer in the world.
A simple 3 or 4 camera system with a good DVR, does not cost the earth, in fact, we actually feel they offer terrific value for money, because the benefits are huge.
Its not just the product that sets High Lane CCTV apart from the rest, its our attention to detail on install, we do our utmost to conceal all our wiring, as this not only looks better, But, its more secure. (See picture)


But that’s enough about us.

At High Lane CCTV, what we are really interested in, is you and your needs, so call for a chat about how we can improve the security in your home or business.

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