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Call JP Locksmiths, we supply and install Security Posts, and we do it at a very competitive price!.
The robust telescopic bollards come in a variety of sizes.
The 76mm and 580mm tall, The Domestic post is by far the most popular, as it offers great security – without being too heavy to lift.
The “Domi” has a slightly bigger brother, the R5 – at 90mm wide and 670mm tall – it’s a great option if your looking for some extra beef.
Fitting telescopic Security Posts Stockport on your driveway, will make the difference, and help protect your car from a car thief.
Telescopic Security Posts Stockport, often cheaper than installing gates; and your property maintains that open plan look!

Security Posts Installation

Telescopic Security Posts Stockport fitted by jp locksmiths.

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A parking post gives peace of mind and great value for money.

Security Posts Stockport Solutions.

Do you live in an apartment in Stockport?

Are you fed up of coming home from work, only to discover your allotted parking spot has been taken up by a neighbour or visitor? Installing a post will resolve the problem with out any fuss. Are you a small business owner, who just wants to park in your own parking bay at your shop or office? A fold down parking post will keep your parking bay free, for when you arrive and need it.

Fold down parking post

Our preferred parking post partners are Rampost and Autolok. Built from Zinc plated steel, they are weather resistant, durable, and serviceable.

The robust telescopic posts, come in a variety of sizes. The domestic post is 550mm tall, and anchored in concrete.

We also offer Static, fold down and removable posts. Whatever your need or circumstances, JP Locksmiths will have it covered.

For further details and pricing of our Security Posts Stockport – visit our Autolok Page.

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For impartial advice on crime prevention in your home visit the Metropolitan Police website.

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